The Eye Center is your first choice when you need eye care in Northwest Arkansas.

Our optometrists and ophthalmologists: Our professional team consists of six doctors – Craig J. Brown, M.D., F.A.C.S.; Kellye McElroy Smith, M.D., F.A.A.O.; Tamara Grammer Morris, O.D.; Andy Langston, O.D., Ph.D., Jonathan Shaver, O.D. and Patrick Risch, M.D. – who have different special interests and offer many different services. Because we have six specialists, The Eye Center able to diagnose and treat almost all eye conditions and diseases with confidence.

Dry Eye Clinic: Tears are important for eye health. If you don’t have enough tears to nourish your eyes and keep them lubricated, you may have Dry Eye Syndrome. Dry Eye is a common condition, especially in older adults, and it can be caused by environmental factors, medical conditions, or natural physical changes over time. We have a special Dry Eye Clinic devoted to helping our patients who suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome.

Family-friendly office atmosphere: To ensure that all our patients feel welcome, we have created a family-friendly office atmosphere. Our staff members like getting to know each patient, and they will listen closely to your questions and concerns. Our facility is designed with you in mind. In our comfortable reception area, patients can enjoy a hot cup of coffee while they wait, and our treatment areas are equipped with TVs for patients to enjoy. At The Eye Center, our patients come first in everything we do!

Respect for your Time: Our staff is genuinely interested in delivering compassionate, personalized care. We know that your time is valuable, so our team makes sure to keep our office running on schedule.

Se habla espanol: Nosotros tenemos personal que habla Espanol para proveer una mejor communicacion con nuestros pacientes. Por favor de llamar al 479-442-2020 para assistencia inmediata.