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At The Eye Center, it is our personal mission to help you experience the joy of clear vision, without the need for glasses or contacts. 

We use the advanced Custom Laser platform to treat a broad range of vision imperfections, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The combination of this technology and our skilled LASIK team has led to 20/20 vision or better for our patients. 

 Laser Vision Correction

Custom Laser Vision Treatments

The advanced CustomVue Wavescan platform has revolutionized our ability to reshape the cornea more accurately than ever before. Just like no two fingerprints are identical, no two eyes are identical, either. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to capture a fingerprint-like image of your eye to measure unique imperfections that cannot be treated by traditional LASIK, glasses, or contact lenses. By combining the CustomVue Wavescan Platform with the VISX Star S4 IR laser, we are capable of treating complex prescriptions.

The Custom comparison is much like the difference in HDTV vs. a standard TV.



iLASIK is the most customized LASIK procedure available. Unlike traditional LASIK, iLASIK combines the advanced Custom-Vue Wavescan platform with the IntraLase femtosecond laser for a fully customized blade-free procedure.

iLASIK is so safe and precise, it is endorsed by the United States Military and NASA.



Photorefractive Keratectomy, or PRK combines the VISX S4 IR laser with the same Custom-Vue Wavescan platform to accurately measure and reshape the cornea, as iLASIK. PRK yields the same excellent results, with one major difference. PRK does not require a corneal flap. Instead, the laser treatment is applied directly to the surface of the cornea. PRK is a great option for many people.

Who will perform my LASIK procedure?

Real People, Life-Changing Results:


“I have been blind most of my life to the point I couldn’t see the giant E on the top of the chart. I finally overcame my fears and had PRK. They told me my vision would be blurry right after, but the blurry is already 90% better than what my vision had been. It is amazing to be able to see when I wake up! Thanks to The Eye Center I am glasses free!” 

Katherine T. | PRK | February 2020

Invoice Resolutionist

“Getting PRK done was one of the best decisions I ever made!   DR. Risch, Gayla, and the entire staff were wonderful to work with – truly a first-class team.”

Mike K. | PRK | April 2019


“It wasn’t until I was glasses and contact-free that I truly realized what a burden they were in my day-to-day life. I am forever grateful to Dr. Risch and his team. The passion they have for their work shows in the level of service they provide for their patients.”

Ada R. | PRK | February 2019

Administrative Assistant

“I just finished up my first vacay after LASIK! It was so great and freeing to not have to deal with contacts and glasses! I didn’t even realize what a hassle it was until I didn’t have to think about or deal with them.”

Jodi V. | PRK | November 2018

Ophthalmic Technician

“Having LASIK at The Eye Center was AMAZING. I wouldn’t want anyone else to do my surgery but Dr. Risch! They take care of you so well. I’m so glad I made the decision to get LASIK.”

Katherine G. | LASIK | October 2018

Opthalmic Technician

“I’m excited to be out of glasses and contacts! I already see better now than I ever did wearing contacts. The team has been great since day one and easily made this the best decision in my life.”

Logan A. | LASIK | October 2018

J.B. Hunt Manager

“It’s so liberating to know my life is no longer dictated by glasses and contacts! Dr. Risch and the team made this experience stress-free and I know I could not have been in better hands. From my evaluation to my follow-ups, I felt so taken care of and was always informed about the whole process. You can see that Dr. Risch has a true passion for his field and for the betterment of his patients’ vision. I recommend Dr. Risch and The Eye Center to everyone!”

Chloe H. | PRK | September 2018

Billing and Insurance Specialist

“Getting LASIK was such an eye-opening experience! My life is 100% better not having to rely on glasses or contacts. The outcome of my surgery was better than anything I could have expected!”

Rose M. | PRK | September 2018

Medical Assistant

“I recently had PRK at The Eye Center and feel blessed to have had such AMAZING care. I felt well informed & comfortable every step of the way. I will never truly be able to express in words how Dr. Risch has permanently changed my life. I an now enjoy activities I have always loved, but with new meaning. The struggle I always had with my glasses and contacts while on my boat is gone. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Risch!”

Kris F. | PRK